About us

Skånsk Byggtjänst AB offers the building and construction industry's buyers and sellers time and space for personal meetings through easily accessible and efficient trade fairs and seminars.

The construction industry is one of the largest basic industries in the country and production has a turnover of at least SEK 450 billion annually. The need for information about products and technology is great, as is the supply. Our main target group is architects, designers, property developers in the private and public sector, but also buyers, project managers and site managers at construction companies.

Through our activities and events, we help channel businesses of high quality and large volume. We deliver knowledge about quality products and technology to the construction industry's decision-makers through trade fairs and seminars and thereby contribute to a better and sustainable community building for future generations.

Skånsk Byggtjänst AB is a privately owned independent information company.

Environment and justice

Through our local activities, our exhibitors reach out with their messages very quickly and efficiently to individuals and companies. In addition, in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. Our contact with customers and participants takes place only with digital documents via digital communication. Seminar documentation for participants takes place with electronically stored data.

We ask for and choose organic- and fair trade-labeled products for our trade fairs.

Economics and finance

Skånsk Byggtjänst has a stable economy and the highest credit rating.

Our values

Customer proximity

  • We collaborate with industry and meet the market's need for information.
  • We create trust and long-term customer relationships through punctuality, being well-read and prepared and providing the best possible service based on the customer's needs.
  • We get to know customers, employees and suppliers through an open, responsive and personal approach.


  • We constantly strive to develop, create and carry out effective meetings with quality.
  • We act with honesty, clarity and simplicity and are careful to keep the specified time frames.
  • We are efficient, make quick decisions and provide quick feedback.


  • We are a committed and goal-oriented partner who delivers clear and credible messages.
  • We set and anchor clear goals and actively follow these up.
  • We stand for knowledge, competence and commitment.


  • We show colleagues, customers and suppliers respect through openness, sensitivity and treat everyone based on equal value - regardless of gender, ethnicity, skin color or sexual orientation..
  • We are more important than I am. As proud team players, we strive for cooperation and cohesion in the team.
  • We are humble and show courage by daring to ask for help and generously share our knowledge with those who wish.

Our history

A forum for construction professionals since 1953

Skånsk Byggtjänst was started in 1953 by the local organizations in the construction industry on Djaknegatan in Malmo as a Scanian forum for information about products, technology and services. A non-fiction bookstore served with literature, rules and regulations. We arranged various activities in our own premises and in the mid-60s we started arranging trade fairs, first Byggtian and later Produktnytt and VVS-nytt.

Consumer issues become strong in the 70s

The business was only aimed at professionals until the early 70s when the product exhibition on Studentgatan got a consumer focus. With the energy crisis in 1973 came the need for energy information and we started doing weekend activities together with the City of Malmö and the energy company Sydkraft. They became so popular that more weekend activities were added such as wood burning stove, heating, kitchen- and bathroom- days.

A position as a building technical consultant was appointed, also a collaboration with the local architects started with consulting and that business was conducted with great appreciation for several decades. During this time, Skånsk Byggtjänsts was formed into a long-standing concept as a source of knowledge with an extensive product exhibition. With our objective and helping activities, we were perceived as an authority by many.

A new professional forum with regular information meetings was formed, Team Byggfolk, in which 16 suppliers participated.

The metamorphosis back to the professional forum 1996

In the middle of the worst economic crisis for the construction and real estate industries in Sweden, the entire business moved to the Mobilia shopping center in Malmo in 1992. The following year, the owner Svensk Byggtjanst bankrupted the company, after which the bankruptcy estate was bought by the current owner a few weeks later. Now the business changed drastically and in 1996 we closed down the permanent exhibition and the business focused on professionals and narrow niche trade fairs all over Sweden, Roof & Facade, Ventilation, Byggdata, etc. The bookstore became an online bookstore in 2001 and sales of literature ceased completely in 2010.

We were part of the management group for the living fair Bo 97 in Staffanstorp and we were commissioned to arrange product information at Bo 01 in Malmo in 2001. In 1997 we helped establish Malmö Slottsträdgård. In 2003, we helped the organizer of HUT (Sustainable Development) Scania 03 Build & Manage. In 2004, we arranged a product fair at the Student Housing Fair in Lund on behalf of AF-bostader.

Fingertip feeling with niche meeting concepts in the 2000s

Today, the business has been developed and refined into a flexible and agile communication company in the meeting industry that has the tactile rods out on the market. Our activities are fine-tuned to suit the industry's needs for product and technology information for the day. We work with meetings through trade fairs and seminars to spread messages from the materials industry and research to market players, prescribers, customers and contractors in construction-related industries.