Energy efficient houses

The fair for professionals who build, design and manage energy-efficient houses.

Energy-efficient houses are aimed at professionals in the construction, plumbing and real estate industries who want to acquire knowledge about products, new technologies and concept solutions for energy-efficient and sustainable construction. Sealed houses, insulation, windows, doors, ventilation, heat / energy sources, etc.

The subject has the highest priority in the construction and real estate industry because it meets the biggest challenges and the biggest economic effects. It is a pure trade fair and the target group is architects, construction, plumbing and energy consultants, project engineers, property owners, managers and major contractors and installers.

Our exhibitors in recent years

ABC Ventilationsprodukter, Aiko Energy, Balco, Bauroc, Chromogenics, Ecoclime, Enduce, Epecon, Finja, Flooré, Högfors GST, InventiAir, Kingspan, Masonite Beams, Maximalfönster, Mitsubishi, Orbital Systems, Panasonic, Paroc, Purso, REC Indovent, RauHeat, Rockwool, SIGA, Saint-Gobain Sweden, Skånsk Fönstermiljö, Sto Scandinavia, Stofix, Tecca.

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Energy efficient houses

Gävle 1/10
Sundsvall 2/10
Östersund 3/10

Energy efficient houses

Göteborg 8/10
Göteborg 9/10

Roof & Facade

Energy efficient houses

Luleå 19/11
Skellefteå 20/11
Umeå 21/11