Park & Street

The trade fair for professionals who decorate and manage the public space, streets, squares, activity areas, parks.

Park & Gata provides a fast, broad and deep update of product news within the public space's environment, design and function. Coatings, furniture, buildings, functional details, play equipment, vegetation, stormwater, construction materials, etc. It is a pure trade fair and the target group is architects, landscape architects, consultants, clients in the public utility, municipalities, private owners and managers and larger contractors.

Our exhibitors in recent years

Bara Mineraler, Benders, Blidsbergs Mekaniska, C3C, CADO, Cyklos, Everled, FINBIN, Formenta, G9, Gårda Johan, Hags, Hasselfors, Järn i Offentlig Miljö, Kebony, KNM Trafiksystem, KSAB Konstgräs, Lappset, Nordic Parks, Nya Eriksbo Plantskola, Rodeco, Sluta Gräv, Smekab Citylife, Soma Design, S:t Eriks, Stångby Plantskola, Team Tejbrant, Tierps Järnbruk, Tress Sport & Lek, Veg Tech, Veksø, Weland, Vestre, ÅhusTurf.

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Our calendar


Park & Street

Gävle 11/10
Sundsvall 12/10
Östersund 13/10

Park & Street

Stockholm 25/10
Stockholm 26/10

Park & Street

Malmö 15/11
Malmö 16/11

Park & Street

Göteborg 22/11
Göteborg 23/11